• Rock – Aggregates

    This section includes laboratory equipment to determine the mechanical properties of intact rock and various aggregate characteristics such as mechanical, physical and geometrical properties, density types, strength and so on. All these equipment are designed in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

  • Bitumen & Asphalt

    Different laboratory equipment in accordance with international standards are presented in this section to determine internal friction, adhesion, softening point, viscosity, materials quality, density, Marshall test and many other parameters. 

  • Concrete

    A full range of concrete laboratory and research equipment are presented by ABI ASA company to set different variables such as consistency, setting time, air content, compressive strength, linear changes of temperature and so on according to EN, ASTM and other internationally recognized standards.

  • Cement

    All necessary equipment to determine fineness, consistency, setting time, soundness , … and also required equipment for mixing, molding, curing and shear resistance tests as well according to EN, ASTM and other internationally known standards are presented in this part.

  • Steel

    A wide range of electromechanical and hydraulic machines for applying tensile, flexural, resilience and other tests is proposed by ABI ASA in this section. These equipment are appropriate for either tests of controlling steel bars reinforcing concrete or tests of determining quality of metals, plastics,… .

  • Soil

    This section includes a complete soil laboratory equipment for sampling, preparation, classification, consolidation, shear strength, triaxial testing, compression, penetration, bearing capacity, permeability, density, chemical and geotechnical tests according to internationally recognized standards such as EN, ASTM and BS.

  • General Equipment

    This section contains a wide range of laboratory equipment and required accessories that could not be located in a specific section, but are used for general purposes. These equipment are appropriate for measuring weight, temperature, PH and other characteristics of solids and liquids.