Undoubtedly the most basic, yet the most important step of any research and industrial project is the identifying of consisting materials. The best and most accurate way to determine the maximum identification, is using various experiments associated with the project or survey. So that in the event of using multiple accurate tests, fairly favorable evaluation of materials can be assessed which will minimize the possibility of causing problems in further stages. Hence, the possibility of doing laboratory and field tests is one of the fundamental requirements for applying any research and industrial projects.

Abi Asa company was founded in 1998 regarding to this essential requirement with the purpose of serving industrial and scientific community through meeting the laboratory requirements and was formed in association with the most significant companies for the exchanging of technical and scientific information. 

   Abi Asa domains of activity are numerous and wide which includes equipping the laboratories of rock mechanics, soil mechanics, concrete, steel, cement, asphalt, hydrology, hydrometery and so on. Employing experts graduated from prestigious universities and holding training courses in the manufacturer company as well, are the ensuring properties of Abi Asa group that can be noted in consulting, designing and execution of experimental units. Furthermore, providing three-year warranty and 15-year after-sales services and with regards to achieving 85 points out of 100 points from the consumer protection agency in 2011, assist us in performing more services with higher quality in direction of customer-oriented policy of the company.

   During the past years, we have cooperated with many authentic companies including WILDCO (US), GLOBALWATER (US), GLEN CRESTON (UK), ZEB MAXAM (Germany), Logimine (France), Trolex (UK), ABEM(Sweden), TLC(South Africa), TESTCONSULT(UK), EDIBON(Spain) and Essa (Australia). Abi Asa company is the exclusive representative of MATEST (Italy) company in Iran as well.






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